Sound SIG: Rethinking Sonic Interaction

20.09.2013 09:00
20.09.2013 11:30

Sound SIG Seminar 20.9 - Rethinking Sonic Interaction

Sound, as a design material, engendered various opportunities in the production and distribution of cultural and mediated practices that have been at the forefront of research in social-interactive aspects of emerging technologies. Sound has the possibility of opening up new ways of interactions for us to consider. We can provide alternative design solutions for interactions in ways that are different from the more common vision-driven approach; free the user's attention from the strong visual focus and instead shift attention towards the auditory modes of perception. During the seminar, we will discuss the emerging role of sonic interaction in HCI field and present recent research projects introducing some opportunities and challenges in designing interactions with sound.

Preliminary agenda

09:30 welcome and coffee

Rethinking Sonic Interaction

10:00 Opening

10:10 Teemu Ahmaniemi, Nokia Research Center : "Dynamic Audiotactile Feedback - Digital Tangibility"
10:30 Johan Kildal, Nokia Research Center : "The Physicality of Sound"
10:50 Lassi A Liikkanen, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, HIIT : "Appropriating YouTube for Music Interaction"

11:15 Panel Discussion

Registration: - free of charge
Location: Aalto Media Factory -

Dr. Teemu Ahmaniemi received MSc degree in signal processing from the Tampere University of Technology in 1998 and PhD in cognitive technology from Aalto University in 2012. From 1999 he has worked with Nokia Research Center focusing on various topics including audio and speech applications, sensor algorithms and multimodal interfaces. His current research projects deal with tangible and deformable interfaces and many of them are done in collaboration with Aalto University.

Dr. Johan Kildal is principal Research Scientist at Nokia Research Center in Espoo, Finland. His research areas of interest include multimodal mobile user interfaces, organic user interfaces, audio-haptic non-visual interaction, accessibility and pedestrian navigation. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2008 at the University of Glasgow, under the supervision of Prof. Stephen Brewster.

Dr. Lassi A Liikkanen received his doctorate from Aalto University in 2010. Since then he has pursued research on themes related to music and design and published on related venues. Most recently he headed research projects MusiQ and LUTUS at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT.

Koray Tahiroglu
Contact person for Sound SIG