UCD SIG: Human-centred design - beneficial or not?

03.12.2012 13:00
03.12.2012 15:30

Place: Aalto Arabia, room 5022 (southern end of 4th(5th) floor), Hämeentie 135A, Helsinki
Time: 3.12.2012 13:00-15:30
Registration: No fee, but registration required by Monday 26.11. The registration is closed, room is full.  

To find the right place, please follow these instructions:
Use the entrance at the southern end of the Arabia building, i.e. the Arabiakeskus entrance. Advance through the glass corridor straight to the elevators. Take the elevator to 4th floor, find a glass door on the right titled 'Department of Art'. Go in, turn left, and you'll see room 5022 on the right.

Human-centred design (HCD)* is becoming more popular in industry and in government systems. At the same time, criticism on the suitability of UCD or HCD for producing new product and service ideas has been increasing. There are arguments for and against the importance and relative value of involving the stakeholders in different phases of design and development.
This UCD SIG will provide a floor for a panel debating the suitability of HCD for product and service development. The panelists include

13:00  Juha Kronqvist - perspective for HCD
13:25  Gilbert Cockton - perspective against HCD
13:50  Marko Nieminen - remarks on the two stances above
14:00  Panel discussion
15:00  Coffee & discussions

Virpi Roto will moderate the panel discussion.

Next day, Gilbert Cockton will have another kind of debate as the opponent for Jung-Joo Lee, a Doctor of Arts candidate. Invitation to the defense

* Human-centred design takes people in the center of design; not only users (as in user-centred design, UCD) but also other stakeholders. For example, when designing tools for teachers, students' needs and wants play an important role in design. The panelists talk about UCD and/or HCD.